Guardians of Gardening Recipients

Mary Compton

Mrs. Vernon L. Connor

Mrs. Robert Mooney

Mrs. Alex McIntosh

Anne Bates Leach

1963-1965 Board of Directors

Mrs. Melville Hall

Mr. & Mrs. George Morrison

Mrs. J. D. McCullagh

Mrs. John R. Parkinson

Isabel King

Mrs. W. T. Chennell

Bernese Davis

Mrs. Halle Cohen

Mrs. Homer Gwinn

Louise Hewlett

Fran & Henry Chillas

Ella P. Wood

Virginia  H. Jordan

Mrs. O.M. Ballard

Louise Hill

James Warren Bates

Sally Rahm

Addie Lou Harris

Mrs. Dursie Ekman

Mrs. Maurice Dillingham

Eunice Edwards

Mrs. Augustus F. Williams, Jr.

James & Edna Crowl

Mrs. Robert D. Wilson

Mrs. Walter P. Glover

Mrs. Charles H. Blanchard

Marion Hilliard

Winifred Stanley

Elise Haymans

Dorothy Lassiter

Cecilia 'Cissy' Richardson

Jo Williams

Joan Pryor

Carolyn Schaag

Margaret 'Cinny' O'Donnell

Gina Venettozzi Jogan

Phyllis Wood

Jean Bates Villareal 

Elizabeth Pate

Sue Angle

Claudia Bates

Dist. VII Clubs, Circles, & Florida Friends - Orlando

Clubs, Circles & Friends - Mt. Dora


Coral Gables, memory of her husband 

Mr. Willaford Ransom Leach - Palm Beach




Panama City

Clubs, Circles & Friends - Daytona Beach

Graham King - Delray Beach

Districts, Clubs, Circles, Friends & Family - Orlando

Sidney Davis - Ft. Myers


Judges Council, Clubs, Circles, Dist. X & Freeport, Bahamas

Dr. Frank Hewlett - Miami


John G. Wood - Winter Haven

Dist. XII Clubs and Friends

West Melbourne, In memory of her husband

Mr. Jefferson P. Hill, Sr. - Miami


Mary E. Collier - Miami

The Garden Club and the Judges Council of Costa Rica 

Tampa Federation of GC Circles and Floralia VI

In memory of a dedicated gardener 1989

Dist. VI

In memory 1992

Dist. I

Dist. I

Dist. I

Dist.  IV

Lake County Council of Garden Clubs & Umatilla Garden Club

Punta Gorda Garden Club & Friends


NGC Convention Chairman and Friends

Dist. XI

Dist. VIII

Edward, Gregory, Scott & Stuart Schaag

Dist. I

Dist. I

State Board Members & Friends

District VIII

Florida Native Wildflowers

District VIII

District V

To honor a member with a Guardian of Gardening, Patron Plaque, or other means of recognition, please see the FFGC Honors page.

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