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.What is a Position statement?

FFGC develops position statements on select issues of direct relevance to our members, for which thoughtful input is important to informed debate and decision making. In addition to articulating FFGCF’s perspective on the issue being addressed, a position statement includes the rational for FFGC’s stance and an implementation plan suggesting a course of action for our legislators, governmental agencies, members and the broader community.

Why does FFGC develop position statements?

Position Statements are developed in support of and consistent with FFGC’s Mission Statement, on significant environmental and conservation issues of relevance to our members and to our communities. Position statements are intended to represent our membership on the issue. Once adopted by the FFGC Board of Directors, the position provides the basis for statements made on behalf of FFGC before our legislators and governmental agencies, communicated to the media and the general public.

How are position statements developed and adopted?

Any FFGC member can suggest development of a position statement by contacting the Legislative Policies and Positions Chairman. The individuals originating the request are generally part of the committee convened to develop a prospective position statement. Once the committee has approved an initial craft of a prospective position statement, the draft statement is circulated to the interested FFFGC members inviting their input and participation so that a consensus statement may be achieved. The consensus statement is presented to the FFGC Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting, and is adopted by a majority vote. Position statements adopted by the FFGC Board of Directors are dated and reviewed periodically. Any FFGC member may propose revisions to a position statement at any time. Proposed revisions may be incorporated by consensus into a revised position statement. All revised position statements must be approved by the FFGC Board of Directors.

How are position statements used?

Position Statements are used in various ways by FFGC, as an organization, and by individual members. Each position statement is intended to inform and stimulate engagement of our members. Many of the issues about which position statements are developed have relevance to and are debated at many levels of society and government. FFGC and individual members may submit information, including relevant position statements to federal or state legislators, governmental agencies, commissions, panels and groups of interested parties or individuals. FFGC position statements may serve as the basis for writing to or speaking with these agencies or groups by members, and may be used by FFGC representatives to advocate policies promoting FFGC objectives and the public good.

Reference Document2019 Policy Advocacy Handbook from the Florida Native Plant Society

If you have questions or comments about any of the following FFGC position statements, please contact Mona Johnston.


Adopted September 14, 2016

Adopted January 14, 2016

Adopted January 14, 2016


Adopted January 14, 2015


Adopted January 14, 2015

Adopted September 12, 2013

Adopted September 13, 2012

Adopted May 10, 2012

Adopted May, 10 2012

Adopted May 10, 2012

Adopted January 12, 2012

Adopted January 12, 2012


Adopted September 16, 2010

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