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When Ponce de Leon arrived
on the shores of Florida over 500 years ago he
declared the land La Florida  which means 
Land of Flowers! 


FFGC partnered with the DOT and in 1999 State Legislation approved the Florida Wildflower License Plate with annual fee of $15. Governor Jeb Bush presented the first Wildflower License Plate featuring the Coreopsis Wildflower at a Legislative meeting in Bartow in spring of 2000. Sales of the Plate will break the $3,500,000 mark at the 15th Tag anniversary in Spring 2015. Tag sales proceeds are used for education, planting, and research of Florida native wildflowers.

Picture mile after mile of roadside carpeted with wildflowers. It is happening in La Florida, the land of flowers. Education is provided with hands-on learning at events, speakers for meetings, programs designed to  engage and enlighten, publications and lessons that show the way, and photography. Planting of seeds and plants by school  children, communities and public places along with guidelines is taking place throughout the state.  Research projects propel the work of scientists and the nursery industry. Much is being learned about the importance and relationship of the plants, wildlife, and pollinators. 

The FWF mission “enriching lives with 

Florida ’s native wildflowers” has become a reality! You can be a part of this great venture. Purchase the Florida Wildflower License Plate! Your $15 donation makes a World of Difference for native, natural Florida!

For more information go

 to flawildflowers.org 

History of the DOT Wildflower Program

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