All downloadable forms are listed here in alphabetical order. 

Affiliate Member Application 2020

Awards Application Form  for 2020/2021

Award Sponsor Form

Bees Certification Application

Brick Order Form

Butterfly Certification Application

Butterfly Certificate (to print)

Calendar Entry Form (Add an event to the FFGC Calendar on this Website) (new 4/15/2020)

Calendar Order Form (Arrangement Calendar)

Calendar Submission Form (Arrangement Calendar - Design)

Calendar Submission Form (Arrangement Calendar - Horticulture)

College Scholarship Application

Earth Steward Application

Elected Office Resume/Form

ESS Application

FFGC Financial Aid Form

FFGC Matching Grant Program

FFGC Motion Card

Florida Flower Arrangement Calendar Application

Flower Show Budget Form

Flower Show Horticulture Registration Form 2016 State Convention

Hall of Fame Application

High School Gardeners Registration Form

High School Scholarship Application

Intermediate Gardeners Registration

Junior Gardeners Award Application

Junior Gardeners Club Registration

Junior Gardeners Lesson Plan

Junior Gardeners Resources

Junior Gardeners Security Screening Not Required

Junior Gardener Youth Activity Report Form

Life Membership Application - Deep South

Life Member Application - FFGC

Life Member Application - NGC

Membership Change/Add Form

Membership Renewal Form 2020

Membership Renewal Instructions for 2020

Nominating Committee - Elected Official Resume Form

Paths of Sunshine Nomination Form

Penny Pines Donation Form

Precious Metal Certificate Form

Pillar of Pride Application

Scholarship Application

Scholarship - Financial Aid Application

S.E.E.K. Garden Club Registration Form

S.E.E.K. Student Registration Form

Tree Planting Record

Tri-Council Dues Form

Tri-Council Dues Form Fillable

Wekiva Youth Camp Campership Funds

Wekiva Youth Camp Registration

WYC/S.E.E.K Questionnaire

WYC/S.E.E.K. Campership Funds

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