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The Florida Gardener is the official publication of the FFGC. Issued as a quarterly magazine to over 10,000 FFGC members, the magazine shares the activities and accomplishments of individuals, circles, clubs, and districts. It is hosted online for everyone. 

Learn about FFGC's organization, activities, events, and articles from members like you. To submit your article, first send it to your club president who will forward to your District Director or the appropriate board chair for approval. It will make its way to the Editor who will likely edit it, but share the edits with you first.

SUBSCRIPTIONS are available for $15 for all four printed magazines to be mailed directly to your home. If interested, you may online at the bottom below that says SUBSCRIBE.

Check the ARCHIVES for older editions. 

                                                 See the form for all ad sizes, rates, and contact for questions or more information.


2023 - Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

   2022 -  Spring    Summer    Fall    Winter

2021 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2020 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2019 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2018 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

Older Editions from 1953-1997


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